I am a minister and homeschooling father who enjoys making a study of the background, authors, composers, and meaning of hymns.

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  1. Greetings from Wordwise Hymns. For several years I found your site to be a valuable resource. Then, it disappeared, was no longer available. I was greatly disappointed. Are you back in business again? Are all the hymns from the old site available somewhere? Just wondered. God bless.

    • Thank you for your kind words. To answer your questions quickly, I simply moved the hymn studies blog from one server, which was going to remove all previous content and start over again, to WordPress. All the previous hymn studies which were at homeschoolblogger are now at the hymn studies blog on WordPress.

      • Note: The Wayback Machine can be used to view websites that are not available when you need them 🙂

        Thanks for sharing, homeschoolbookreviewblog.

  2. Thanks for the information. You’ve done some good work. However I see no Index or way to search by hymn anywhere. Is that something that you plan to add? Otherwise, it makes the content difficult to get to.

    As you can see at my site (http://wordwisehymns.com/) the Almanac is accessible by date, and the Reflections are accessible by an index or a search. I’m also working at cross-linking things, so, for example, if you are reading about a hymn by Fanny Crosby, you can find other articles about her. That way, folks can hunt up favourite hymns, favourite authors, etc., or find out what happened in hymnology on a particular date.

    Again, thanks for the work you’ve done. If there’s a way to look up a particular hymn and I missed it, please let me know.

    God bless.


  3. I’ll have to check, but I believe the hymn studies are accessible by date–there should be a calendar or at least a link to one on the right hand side, or by search–again, there should be a search box on the right.

    • I did check. When I’m using Internet Explorer, the calendar and search box are at the bottom of the page on the right, and as I scroll down to get to them, they keep scrolling down too, so that I never seem actually to reach them. They just keep disappearing, and if one doesn’t look quick he might not even notice them. However, when I’m using Google Chrome, they’re right up at the top on the right of the page, easy to see and ready to use. I’m not enough of a techno-nerd to understand it or do anything about it.

  4. Hi,

    Great to have come across this blog today! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and work.

    I’m part of a collective in Glasgow, Scotland called New Scottish Hymns. We’re writing new hymns and songs for the local church in a way that draws on the folk hymnwriting traditions of Scotland. Our aim is to help bridge the gap between the traditional hymns sung by many older congregations and the modern worship movement – trying to find common ground and encourage unity in the church. Our music can be heard at http://www.newscottishhymns.com

    I would love to be able to discuss more with you- please do get in touch by email!

    God bless,

  5. I am thrilled to have found your blog today! While i was a student at Pepperdine, every time Jerry Rushford preached he ended with the history of a song. I’ve been hooked every since!

  6. It’s encouraging to read of your love for the old hymns. I’ve been studying them, their history and meaning, since the early 60’s, and my blog Wordwise Hymns is the result. Over 400,000 visitors have come, from most of the countries of the world, to read about something over a thousand hymns that I’ve provided notes on–with more being added all the time. God bless.

  7. There is a songbook by Tillet S. Teddlie, but I do not know the publisher offhand. I have one copy and have not seen it used widely in churches of Christ. Such a pity.

  8. I stumbled across your blog this evening when I had a tune running through my head. It was a We’ve a Story to Tell to The Nation’s. I was pleasantly surprised to find several renditions of it online and then was very pleased when I found your blog. While looking through your blog I was quite amazed at the amount of information that you have put together regarding many hymns. I look forward to coming by again very soon. Thank you for all your efforts in gathering this information together in one place.

  9. Good Evening, I too appreciate the time and effort you have dedicated to this source of information. Two years ago, some of my Brothers and Sisters at Sun Valley Church of Christ wanted a class to study spiritual songs. As a professor at Arizona State University, I understand the necessity to reference other’s research. In the future, please advise as to the exact nature of this citation and I will insert it within the PowerPoint Slides.

  10. Can you tell me where I might find this recorded with all parts sung?
    My husband would like to play it for some people so they can sing it.

  11. Thank you for this site it has been shown helpful to me as I am going to record a number of hymns soon. Knowing the story behind them has also been a huge help so thank you again.

  12. The Wayback Machine is a great way to find lost blog articles; however, one has to know what the original articles were called to be able to find them that way. Do you mind publishing a list of article names you have used, so we can find them again?

  13. Thank you so much for your blog! It really is a tremendous blessing! Would you mind doing an analysis of the hymn, “Jesus What a Friend for Sinners,” sometimes also called, “Our Great Savior”? This is a personal favorite hymn of mine. Thanks!

  14. Greetings. I loved your outline regarding the hymn “Beautiful Savior” and was wondering if I could have permission to print it in our monthly church newsletter. I would of course give the reference to this site with the article. Thank you
    Douglas Rebeck
    Church Secretary

  15. Thank you so much for these! I am a homeschooling mom and we study hymns once a week. I am really enjoying your work. It helps to bring out the meaningful lyrics in each stanza and connect it with Scripture.

  16. Hi,
    I am a minister for a Chinese Church of Christ. I would like to mention your name as a good reference for information on hymns. I have your website blog, but can’t seem to find your name anywhere. Would you mind giving me your name?
    Bro. Allen Jang


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