Sunrise in Glory


“Thou shalt guide me with Thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory” (Ps. 73:24)

     INTRO.:  A song which talks about the glory that those who follow the guidance of God’s counsel will afterward receive is “Sunrise in Glory.”  The text was written and the tune was composed both by Tillit Sidney Teddlie, who was born at Swan, TX, on June 3, 1885, and died in 1987 at Greenville, TX, at the age of 102.  “Sunrise in Glory” was copyrighted in 1963.  Among hymnbooks published by members of the Lord’s church during the twentieth century for use in churches of Christ, it appeared in the 1965 Great Christian Hymnal No. 2 by Teddlie; the original edition of the 1971 Songs for the Church edited by Alton H. Howard (but was replaced in subsequent editions); and the 1978 Hymns of Praise edited by Reuel Lemmons.  Today it may be found in the 2007 Sacred Songs of the Church edited by William D. Jeffcoat.

The song seeks to focus our minds upon the glory that shall be revealed to us.

I. Stanza 1 tells us when this glory will be given to us

“When life shall come to the close of its day,

When the sun gives forth its last golden ray,

Hope sees a star in the fast darkening past;

Then will come sunrise and glory at last.”

  1. There will be a time for each of us when life shall come to the close of its day because it is appointed for man to die: Heb. 9.27
  2. Our lives are sometimes pictured as a day in which we are born like the sunrise rising and end in death like the sun setting: Ps. 19.4-6, 113.3
  3. Yet even in the darkening night of death, the Christian can see a Star that heralds a morning of sunrise and glory: Rev. 22.16

II. Stanza 2 tells us what will accompany the receiving of this glory

“Mansions of glory now wait for the blest;

God has prepared for His people a rest.

Oh, the great joy when we join the blest throng,

Singing His praises in heaven’s new song!”

  1. There will be mansions of glory that now wait for the blest: Jn. 14.1-3
  2. Also, there will be rest that God has prepared for His people: Heb. 4.9
  3. Furthermore, there will be joy in joining the blest throng to sing a new song to His praises: Rev. 5.9-14

III. Stanza 3 tells us what the hope of this glory does for us

“Hope springs anew in the faint, weary soul;

Some where our Father will heal and make whole.

Someday will dawn with a life-giving light;

Homeland and heaven will burst on our sight.”

  1. The hope of this glory springs anew in the faint weary soul to produce patience: Rom. 8.24-25
  2. What we hope for is that place where the Father will heal and make whole so that there will be no more pain and death: Rev. 21.1-4
  3. Therefore, we keep moving forward toward that city where God Himself is the light: Rev. 22.23

CONCL.:  The chorus looks past the darkness and shadows to that wonderful day of eternal sunrise.

“Sunrise in glory! wonderful day!

Darkness and shadows will vanish away.

After the long night of waiting is o’er,

Then will come sunrise and life evermore!”

Not to be confused with another song entitled “Sunrise,” with words by William C. Poole and music by Bentley D. Ackley, beginning, “When I shall come to the end of my way,” whose chorus reads, “Sunrise tomorrow, sunrise tomorrow, Sunrise in glory is waiting for me,” Teddlie’s song also points us forward to that time when God shall enable us to see “Sunrise in Glory.”

sunrise in glory

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