Our Father and Our God


(Photo of Dee Bowman)


“Grace be to you, and peace, from God our Father…” (Eph. 1.2)

INTRO.: A song which expresses praise to God as our Father is “Our Father and Our God” (#51 in Hymns for Worship Revised). The text was written by Dee Bowman, who was born in Estelline, TX, on Nov. 26, 1934. The eldest of four sons born to D. C. and Elsie E. Bowman, he spent his early years in Morton, TX, where he attended public schools, but in 1951 the family moved to Lubbock, TX, where he finished high school and later attended Texas Tech. Also, he graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Communications. In 1960 he married Norma Jean Fullington of Burlington, OK, and to this union have been born a son and a daughter.

Bowman spent nearly twenty years engaged in radio and television broadcasting before deciding to devote his full time to preaching the gospel in 1971. After working for five years with the Auburn St. church in Lubbock, TX, he then moved to Deer Park, TX, in 1976, to work with the Southside church in Pasadena, TX. For many years, Dee was a regular contributor to Searching the Scriptures, and served as an editor of Christianity Magazine during its entire existence. Also, he has taught as a part-time faculty member at Florida College in Temple Terrace, FL, and is the author of several books including That’s Life! taken from his monthly columns for Christianity Magazine.

In addition to his located preaching work, Bowman has held numerous gospel meetings and spoken on lectureships throughout the nation, and in fact spent several years engaged in full-time meeting work, but later returned to local labor with the Southside church in Pasadena. I first met and heard Dee in 1984 when I was living and preaching in Medina, OH, and he came to hold a gospel meeting at the Brown St. church in nearby Akron. This hymn was produced in 1986 for the original edition of Hymns of Worship and the tune was composed by R. J. Stevens (1927-2012). It was revised in 1992.  Dee and Norma still live in Deer Park, TX, and I count it a privilege to number them among my personal friends. Among hymnbooks published by members of the Lord’s church during the twentieth century for use in churches of Christ, the song is found only in Hymns for Worship.

It mentions several reasons why we should praise our Father in heaven.

I. In stanza 1, He is called our Lord and King.

“Our God and Father, Lord and King,

The heavens and earth Thy glory sing;

With loud hosannas praise they bring,

Our Father and our God.”

  1. If one fact is taught clearly in scripture, it is that God is Lord and ruler of the universe: Ps. 118.27
  2. Even the heavens, along with the earth, declare the glory of their Creator: Ps. 19.1
  3. Therefore we, as they, should bring loud hosannas to God, in the same manner as the multitude sang hosanna to Christ: Matt. 21.9

II. In stanza 2, He is called our Mighty Counsellor

“Our Mighty Counsellor, glorious Lord,

The Spirit guides us through Thy Word;

We humbly serve in one accord

Our Father and our God.”

  1. God offers mankind counsel that will stand forever: Ps. 33.11
  2. This counsel for our lives is revealed by His Spirit in the written word: Eph. 6.18
  3. Therefore, we should humbly serve Him in one accord with gladness: Ps. 100.2

III. In stanza 3, He is called our Creator, Savior, and Friend

“Our Lord, Creator, Savior, Friend,

On Thee our strength and hope depend;

We praise Thy Son whom Thou didst send,

Our Father and our God.”

  1. It is beyond imagination that the divine being who is our Savior and wants to be our Friend is also our Creator: Gen. 1.1
  2. Because our strength and hope depend on Him alone as the only one who has the power, we should commit ourselves to Him and trust Him: Ps. 37.3-5
  3. Also, we should praise His Son whom He sent that we might not perish but have eternal life: Jn. 3.16-17

IV. In stanza 4, He is called our graceful Master

“Our graceful Master, great art Thou,

Before Thy throne in faith we bow;

We worship Thee with praises now,

Our Father and our God.”

  1. The King and Lord of the entire universe wants to be the Master of our lives above all others and asks us to seek Him first: Matt. 6.24, 33
  2. Bowing before His throne in faith is the symbol of submitting our wills to His in keeping His commandments: 1 Jn. 5.4
  3. We must also express our worship to this graceful Master in spirit and in truth: Jn. 4.24

CONCL.: The heavens and the earth sing the glory of Him who made them. He also made us as well. Yet, in spite of our sinful rebellion against Him, He still loves us and has acted to provide redemption from sin and the hope of everlasting life with Him in heaven. Therefore, we should humbly serve Him, depend on Him for our strength, bow before His throne in obedience to His will, and worship Him as our Maker. It is by doing these things that we truly praise “Our Father and Our God.”


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