“Ring Out the Message”

"…Christ hath made us free…" (Gal. 5:1)

     INTRO.: A song which exhorts us to sound forth the gospel of truth which makes us free is "Ring Out the Message" (#374 in Hymns for Worship Revised, #282 in Sacred Selections for the Church). The text was written by James Rowe (1865-1933). Rowe was a prolific hymn text author whose best-known song is perhaps "Love Lifted Me." The tune (Message True and Glad) for "Ring the Message Out" was composed by Samuel William Beazley (1873-1944). A native of Sparta, VA, Beazley first worked with the
Ruebush-Kieffer Music Co. but later started his own music publishing firm in Atlanta, GA. Then, after moving to Chicago, IL he sold his business to Anthony J. Showalter but continued to furnish songs for other companies, most notably the Stamps-Baxter Co. Rowe and Beazley also collaborated on other songs, such as "After the Shadows." "Ring Out the Message" was first published in 1911 and after the copyright was renewed in 1939 it was owned by the Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Co. Among hymnbooks published by members of the Lord’s church during the twentieth century for use in churches of Christ, the song appeared in the 1978 Hymns of Praise edited by Reuel Lemmons. Today it may be found in the 1971 Songs of the Church, the 1990 Songs of the Church 21st C. Ed., and the 1994 Songs of Faith and Praise all edited by Alton H. Howard; the 1978/1983 Church Gospel Songs and Hymns edited by V. E. Howard; and the 1992 Praise for the Lord edited by John P. Wiegand; as well as Hymns for Worship, Sacred Selections, the 2007 Sacred Songs of the Church edited by William D. Jeffcoat, and the 2009 Favorite Songs of the Church edited by Robert J. Taylor, Jr.

     The song emphasizes the importance of all Christians’ doing what they can to spread the gospel message of salvation.

I. Stanza 1 refers to the message itself
"There’s a message true and glad For the sinful and the sad:
Ring it out, ring it out!
It will give them courage new, It will help them to be true:
Ring it out, ring it out!"
 A. There is a message that brings gladness because it is the truth that makes men free: Jn. 8:32
 B. It is for all mankind, but it is especially for the sinful and the sad because it is the gospel of salvation: Rom. 1:16
 C. It will give people courage new and help them to be true because it furnishes us to every good work: 2 Tim. 3:16-17

II. Stanza 2 refers to the means of spreading the message
"Tell the world of saving grace, Make it known in every place:
Ring it out, ring it out!
Help the needy ones to know Him from whom all blessings flow:
Ring it out, ring it out!"
 A. We tell the world of saving grace by preaching the word everywhere we go: Acts 8:4
 B. We strive to make it known in every place by supporting others who will preach it to the whole world: Phil. 3:16, Col. 1:23
 C. We help the needy ones to know Him from whom all blessings flow by teaching others also: 2 Tim. 2:2

III. Stanza 3 refers to the purpose of spreading the message
"Sin and doubt to sweep away Till shall dawn the better day,
Ring it out, ring it out!
Till the sinful world be won For Jehovah’s mighty Son,
Ring it out, ring it out!"
 A. One purpose of spreading the message is to sweep sin and doubt away by preaching the gospel so that people can believe, be baptized, and be saved: Mk. 16:15-16
 B. Another purpose of spreading the message is to call people to be prepared for the dawning of the better day when Christ comes again: 2 Pet. 3:10-14
 C. But the ultimate purpose of spreading the message is simply that the sinful world might be won to Christ and become His disciples: Matt. 28:18-20

     CONCL.: The chorus, with a bass lead, simply encourages each of us to do what we can to spread the word.
"Ring out the word o’er land and sea;
Still far from Jesus many live in sin and doubt.
Ring out the news that makes men free;
To all the lost of every nation, Ring the message out."
Christians are simply sinners who have been saved, not only to be right with God themselves and go to heaven, but also to work that others might be saved also. Therefore, in everything we do, one of our major goals in life should be to "Ring Out the Message."


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