“Jesus Has Loved Me”

"…Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love…" (Jer. 31:3)

     INTRO.: A hymn which points out how much the Lord has loved us andthe results of that love is "Jesus Has Loved Me." The text was written by Jacob Wakefield MacGill, who was born in 1829 at Glasgow, Scotland.  Becoming a home mission worker, he studied at the University of Glasgow.  For a time he worked with Dr. Barnardo among the orphans in London, England. A major portion of his life was spent on mission work in the center of Manchester, England, where he managed to build 24 meeting houses for churches to assemble from 1884 to 1900. Also, he authored a book, The Omnipotence of Loving-Kindness, a Narrative in 1861. The date for "Jesus Has Loved Me" is not known. Besides it, Wakefield is credited with a few other hymns, including "Coming, Coming, Yes They Are," "Hear the Wail," and "Send Them, O Lord." Evidently he returned to Glasgow either for a visit or for his retirement because he died there in 1902.

     The tune (Glory to Jesus) for "Jesus Has Loved Me" was composed by a French musician Antoine Edouard Batiste, who was born in Paris, France, on Mar. 28, 1820. He was an organist who served as professor at the Paris Conservtoire. Again, the date for the music is not known. It is said to have been arranged from Batiste by C. W. and E. M. I have been able to find no further information about either the text or the tune.  Batiste died in Paris on Nov. 9, 1876. Among hymnbooks published by members of the Lord’s church during the twentieth century for use in churches of Christ, the song appeared in the 1935 Christian Hymns (No. 1) edited by L. O. Sanderson. The only other book in which I have seen it is the 1972 Living Hymns edited by Alfred B. Smith and published by Encore Publications Inc.

     The song talks about what Jesus has done for us in the past and the promises the He makes to us now.

I. Stanza 1 says that He has loved us
"Jesus has loved me–wonderful Savior!
Jesus has loved me, I cannot tell why.
He came to rescue sinners unworthy;
My heart He conquered–for Him I would die."
 A. There is no question that Jesus has loved us: Eph. 5:2, 1 Jn. 3:16
 B. There is a sense in which we do not know why He loved us, because even while we were yet unworthy sinners He died for us: Rom. 5:8
 C. However, those who receive the benefits of His love are those who allow Him to conquer their hearts by loving Him in turn with all their hearts: Matt. 22:37

II. Stanza 2 says that He has saved us
"Jesus has saved me–wonderful Savior!
Jesus has saved me, I cannot tell how
He should first love me, paying my ransom,
Dying on Calvary with thorns on His brow."
 A. Because Jesus loved us, He came to seek and save the lost from their sins: Matt. 1:21, Lk. 19:10
 B. There is a sense in whihc we cannot tell how He first loved us and decided to pay our ransom: Matt. 20:28
 C. However, we do know that He died for us on Calvary having had a crown of thorns placed on His brow: Matt. 27:27-31

III. Stanza 3 says that He will lead us
"Jesus will lead me–wonderful Savior!
Jesus will lead I cannot tell where:
So I will follow, through joy or sorrow,
Sunshine or tempest, since He leads me there."
 A. The Bible promises that just as a shepherd leads his flock, so Jesus will lead His people: Rev. 7:17
 B. There is a sense that while we know the ultimate destination we do not know exactly where Jesus will lead us on the way because we do not know what will happen tomorrow: Jas. 4:14
 C. However, because He is our Savior, we must follow Him regardless: Matt. 16:24

IV. Stanza 4 says that He will crown us
"Jesus will crown me–wonderful Savior!
Jesus will crown me, I cannot tell when.
White throne of splendor, hail I with gladness,
Crowned ‘mid the plaudits of angels and men."
 A. We know that Jesus will crown us because it is said that when His servants come to the pure river of water of life wher the tree of life exists, they shall reign forever and ever: Rev. 22:1-5
 B. There is a sense in which we do not know when this will occur because we do not know the time of His coming: Matt. 24:36
 C. However, we do know that when He comes, He will grant us to sit with Him on His throne: Rev. 3:21

     CONCL.: The chorus gives praise and honor to Jesus Christ for what He has done and continues to do for us.
"Glory to Jesus–wonderful Savior!
Glory to Jesus, the One I adore.
Glory to Jesus–wonderful Savior!
Glory to Jesus, and praise evermore."
According to some internet research that I did, it seems that this song was once very popular especially among "youth groups" in various denominations. Only one of our books of which I am aware has included this song, and that book has probably not been used in over fifty years.  However, it is not a bad song, and it is good to be reminded often that "Jesus Has Loved Me."


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