“What Is He Worth to Your Soul?”

"…Ye were…redeemed…with the precious blood of Christ…" (1 Pet. 1.18-19)

     INTRO.: A song which reflects upon what the sacrifice of Christ, by whose blood we were redeemed, should mean to us is "What Is He Worth To Your Soul?" The text was written by James Rowe (1865-1933). He was a prolific gospel song text composer whose best known hymn is probably "Love Lifted Me." The tune was composed by William B. Walbert and Adger M. Pace. William Burton Walbert was born on May 18, 1886, in Barren County, KY, and attended the State Normal College of Bowling Green, KY, and Dana’s Musical Institute in Warren, OH, studying under Benjamin C. Unseld, Franz J. Strahm, Lynn B. Dana, W. W. Combs, Adger M. Pace, Seorge W. Sebren, and H.A. Vandercook. Marrying Mable Vaughan, daughter of James David Vaughan, with whom he had one son, James David Walbert, he sang with various Vaughan Quartets, the most famouse being the Vaughan Radio Quartet. Also, he became dean of the Vaughan School of Music in 1941 and editor of Vaughan’s Family Visitor. He died in Birmingham, AL, on Dec. 2, 1959.

     Adger McDavid Pace was born on Aug. 13, 1882, at Pelzer, SC. After studying under James Vaughan of Lawrenceburg, IN, Anthony J. Showalter of Dalton, GA, William Prothro of Chicago, IL, and Madeley Richardson of the New York Institute of Musical Art, he produced several hymns which have appeared in some of our books, including "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem," "Heaven’s Jubilee," and "I Want to Be Ready to Meet Him." He died on Feb. 12, 1959, at Lawrenceburg, TN. "What Is He Worth To Your Soul?" was copyrighted in 1922 by Walbert and Pace. It is possible that Walbert provided the melody and Pace arranged it. Among hymnbooks published by members of the Lord’s church during the twentieth century for use in churches of Christ, the song appeared in the 1938/1944 (New) Wonderful Songs edited by Thomas S. Cobb; the 1959 Majestic Hymnal No. 2 and the 1978 Hymns of Praise both edited by Reuel Lemmons; and the 1963 Abiding Hymns edited by Robert C. Welch. Today it may be found in the 1971 Songs of the Church, the 1990 Songs of the Church 21st C. Ed., and the 1994 Songs of Faith and Praise, all edited by Alton H. Howard; and the 1992 Praise for the Lord edited by John P. Wiegand.

     The song reminds us of the great sacrifice that Christ made for us.

I. Stanza 1 emphasizes what Jesus gave up for us
"Jesus the Lord laid His glory aside, Sinners to save and make whole;
Freely He died our transgressions to hide. What is He worth to your soul?"
 A. Jesus laid His glory aside in that He "made Himself of no reputation" or "emptied Himself" in leaving heaven and coming to earth: Phil. 2.5-8
 B. His purpose for doing this was to save sinners and make them whole: 1 Tim. 1.15
 C. In order to accomplish His purpose, He died for our transgressions: 1 Cor. 15.3

II. Stanza 2 emphasizes what Jesus offers us
"All that was His for the sinner He gave, Pointed the path to the goal;
Sin would deprave, but the Savior would save. What is He worth to your soul?"
 A. Jesus gave His all for the sinner: Jn. 3.16
 B. In doing so, He pointed the path to the goal toward which He wants us to press: Phil. 3.14
 C. So that we might reach that goal, He offers us salvation from our sins: Matt. 1.21

III. Stanza 3 emphasizes what Jesus does for us
"All that He saves He will keep till the end, Under His blessed control;
Man may depend on the this wonderful Friend. What is He worth to your soul?"
 A. All that He saves He will keep till the end because as His sheep hear His voice and follow Him, no one can snatch them out of His hand: Jn. 10.28-29
B. Thus, we remain under His blessed control as long as we are faithful unto death: Rev. 2.10
 C. We can depend upon Him because He is a wonderful Friend who gave His life for us: Jn. 15.13-14

IV. Stanza 4 emphasizes what Jesus will do for us
"All who will trust Him in sunshine and gloam Shall, when they reach the bright goal,
Ceasing to roam, be forever at home. What is He worth to your soul?"
 A. We must trust Him in sunshine or gloam, which means the darkness of twilight: Eph. 1.11-14
 B. Those who thus trust Him someday will reach the bright goal of God’s inheritance: 1 Pet. 1.3-5
 C. There, they will cease to roam and be forever at home because they will receive eternal life: 1 Jn. 2.25

CONCL.: The chorus continues to express the value that Christ Jesus should have to our souls.
"What is He worth to you, What is He worth to you, What is He worth to your soul?
He died on the cruel tree, For you and for me, for me, What is He worth to your soul?"
For the Christian, God’s word should be our meditation all the day. There are many things in the scriptures which are worthy of our thought, not the least among them is what Jesus has done for us. Given the great sacrifice that Jesus made for you in His suffering and death for your sins, you should be encouraged to reflect on "What Is He Worth To Your Soul?"


One thought on ““What Is He Worth to Your Soul?”

  1. Dear Sir…
    I have always appreciated the above hymn and the words, as composed. Could you please forward to me the Hymn Book(s) in which I could find the Music ( Lyrics ) I would be very grateful.
    Thank you so much.


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